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UX Design has been growing exponentially since 1970

Today, almost any company that hopes to create a competitive product needs to have great design, and therefore great designers.
Jakob Nielsen, one of the fathers of UX Design, has predicted that we'll need 100 Million UX professionals by 2050.

is the average total compensation a User Experience professional can expect to make in the USA, according to Glassdoor salary data.
available design jobs currently on the market, as of October 29th, 2022. Estimate based on LinkedIn and Glassdoor jobs listings.

What you'll learn

We crafted our curriculum to teach you relevant skills for the job market through hands on work on over 50 assignments, two practice projects and up to three portfolio projects.

UX Research

We'll teach you how to create a Research Strategy, build Screeners and Surveys, run User Interviews and how to turn everything into actionable insights.

Interaction Design

You will learn how to write User Stories, build your Information Architecture, design Task Flows, create Wireframes, turn them into Prototypes, and more.

UI Design

We have our own way to teach students how to create User Interfaces that are easy and pleasant to use. UI Design is one of the most sought after skills by companies.


We'll show you how to build a relevant portfolio that's aligned with your career strategy. No more cookie cutter projects! You'll be able to show work that speaks to you.


Having a meaningful career strategy will probably save you from hundreds of random interviews and applications. Give your journey a purpose and it will be fruitful.

Learn With Expert Demo Videos
On all key assignments we provide a demo of how an experienced designer would approach the homework.
Meet our Founder & Instructor

Radu Vucea

A self-taught designer, Radu has built a career spanning over 18 years. Through his passion for mentoring and growing other designers he created Mento Design Academy.

His experience includes all areas of design, having started his career as a Graphic Designer and then transitioning to Web Design, then Product Design and ultimately Design Leadership.

After mentoring for big programs like Springboard and DesignLab, he decided to fix the bootcamp experience by creating his own program.

Profile picture for Radu Vucea

Handpicked mentors to guide you

Our mentors have gained their experience in some of the largest companies in the world, and they are ready to share lifelong learnings with you in the individual mentorship sessions.

Mentor Profile Photo Ana Santos
Ana Santos 🇵🇹
Senior Design Program Manager
Mentor Profile Photo Pia Klancar
Pia Klancar 🇩🇪
Product Design Team Lead
Mentor Profile Photo Rebecca Ferguson
Rebecca Ferguson 🇬🇧
Experience Design Lead
Mentor Profile Photo George Serediuc
George Serediuc 🇷🇴
Principal User Experience Designer
Mentor Profile Photo Alex Gorbanescu
Alex Gorbanescu 🇷🇴
Senior Product Designer
Mentor Profile Photo James Pikover
James Pikover 🇺🇸
Senior Product Designer
Mentor Profile Photo Carl Wheatley
Carl Wheatley 🇺🇸
Product Design Recruiter
Mentor Profile Photo Alexandru Nastase
Alexandru Nastase 🇷🇴
Senior Visual Designer
Passionate about mentoring?

We're always looking to expand our hand-picked group of mentors, so don't hesitate to reach out!

What students say

With a true international community of students and mentors, we are proud to be a diverse and highly rated group of UX professionals.

"Mento is beyond educational platform, it's also a community that cares for us as a person and our dream in design."
Profile Photo for Ziaulika Zaen

Ziaulika Zaen 🇲🇾

from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

"Without Mento, I wouldn't believe it's possible to change career, industry and location all at once!"
Profile Photo for Jasmine

Jasmine Ziyu Liu 🇩🇪

from Munich, Germany

"My mentorship sessions gave me the professional and personal guidance I needed to transition into UX Design."
Profile Photo for Ho-Chien

Ho-Chien Chen 🇺🇸

from New York, USA

"A safe place to learn UX design with honest professionals and a real word based curriculum."
Profile Photo for Regis

Régis Nascimento Camassola 🇬🇧

from London, UK

"Most caring bootcamp that holistically understands UX and shows it through prioritizing human connection."
Profile Photo for Megan

Megan Yeu 🇺🇸

from New York, USA

"After months of exploration, I decided to join Mento Design Academy and I'm very grateful and proud of my decision."
Profile Photo for Akiko

Akiko Sakamoto 🇯🇵

from Tokyo, Japan

Personalized Coaching Every Week
You will be meeting your personal mentor weekly for an individual mentoring session so you get all the attention you need.

Why over 100 alumni chose this program

Weekly 1:1 mentorship with an industry expert

Most programs cut corners and costs by having a lot of students join the same mentor call or by offering mentorship by bootcamp graduates. We hand-pick mentors from top companies to work closely with you.

Work on three portfolio projects that speak to you

Instead of having all our students work on the same cookie-cutter projects, we have developed a framework that helps you build a relevant portfolio aligned with your background and career strategy.

Get a certificate and a written recommendation

Upon completing the course, you will receive a signed certificate. For exceptional students, we offer a written recommendation from their mentor that they can add to their resume.

Lifetime access to materials and community

Learning never stops, so your access to our community, events, materials, and future updates doesn't stop either. You can come back any time for a refresher or to get help from the community.

Small quality community, big impact

While big numbers might wow some, we keep our community curated, so there's a lot of value and not a lot of noise. Only students, alums, mentors, and partners have access to our Slack.

Up to six months of career support to land your job

Our goal is for you to be successful in this transition, so we're available on demand for up to six months after you graduate, to help you with your job search through our recruiting partners.

The admission process

We speak to each student to make sure Mento is the right step for them. We're committed 100% to the success of each of our students, so therefore we hand-pick everyone.

Enroll Today

We kick off a new cohort each 1st of the month, so make sure you enroll at least a week before so we can save you a seat. Check your email after completing your enrolment and make sure you look in the spam folder too.

Onboading Call

Schedule an onboarding call with our Admissions Manager to welcome you and walk you through the program structure. You will have this option after you've completed the enrolment.

Join our Community

You'll be joining our community on Slack before the next cohort starts so you can meet everyone.

Kick-Off Your Journey

On the 1st of each month we kick off a new cohort. You'll be paired with a mentor and get full access to the program, so you can begin your journey to a new career.

The most affordable tuition

We pride ourselves on being one of the most affordable UX Bootcamps when you consider the price/month. Other similar programs charge $1,000 to $1,800/month.

Pay upfront
and save $854 🎉
Covers tuition for six months
Weekly individual mentorship sessions
Bi-Weekly student group sessions
Community access to students, mentors, teaching assistants and recruiters
Lifetime access to a curriculum relevant to the job market, and all future updates
Interview-ready portfolio
Career support for six months
Job GuaranteeMoney Back Guarantee
Enroll Today
Pay monthly
most affordable monthly tuition
Flexible duration, cancel anytime
Weekly individual mentorship sessions
Bi-Weekly student group sessions
Community access to students, mentors, teaching assistants and recruiters
Lifetime access to a curriculum relevant to the job market, and all future updates
Interview-ready portfolio
Career support for six months
Job GuaranteeMoney Back Guarantee
Enroll Today


If you still have questions or you're unsure about choosing Mento over other programs, you can send us an email or schedule a free call to find out more.

At what times do the classes happen?
Expand Answer

Full access to the entire curriculum is granted when you enroll, and it's available 24/7, allowing you to create a study program that best works for you. Topics are delivered through video and written content.

We have student community meetings that happen in several time zones, and your mentor meetings are set at a time that best works for both.

How often do I meet my mentor?
Expand Answer

You'll be meeting your mentor weekly for half an hour, individually, so you get the help that you need, instead of being part of a larger group. We match students and mentors based on availability and other factors, and you can always request a rematch should you be unhappy.

How fast can I get a job after graduation?
Expand Answer

Most of our students secure a role as a UX, UI or Product Designer during the program or right after graduation. So far, 100% of our students secured a role within six months of graduating.

Can I transition to UX Design from my background?
Expand Answer

We believe any background can prove to be a unique advantage in your career as a UX Designer. Basic knowledge of how to operate a computer is required.

How many projects will I work on?
Expand Answer

We have prepared for you two practice projects and up to three high-quality projects to include in your portfolio. No two students work on the same project, so you'll get a unique portfolio to show in interviews. No fictional or cookie cutter projects either.

Do you offer career support?
Expand Answer

During the program, we help you define your career strategy, build a relevant portfolio, and train for interviews. After graduation, we support your job hunt efforts for up to six months.

How many hours per week are you expected to dedicate?
Expand Answer

We recommend our students put in roughly 20 hours per week to complete the program in six to nine months. The actual time required may vary based on your background, prior knowledge, and personal context. Most of our students have a full time job, kids, are caretakers for a loved one or have other commitments.

Do I get a certificate when I graduate?
Expand Answer

Yes, all students receive a certificate for completing the program. Our best students also receive a personal written recommendation from their mentor that they can include in their job applications.

Mento Design Academy is founded by a team of world-class designers, so our certificate is equally valuable to other programs on the market.

Do you teach UI, Figma or Sketch?
Expand Answer

Our curriculum covers both Figma and Sketch and a myriad of other tools you'll use in your day-to-day work as a designer, such as Miro, Notion, Slack, and others. User Interface design is covered extensively in our program.

Upcoming events

We host a series of live sessions with industry experts, and alums, covering topics such as communication, collaboration, career advice, interviewing, portfolio reviews and more.

Image of Alex Rosiu

How to collaborate with Product Managers

November 17th, 2022  •  9 AM PT

Alex Rosiu, Product Manager for Adobe XD
Watch Recording
Image of Todd McCauley

Student Spotlight ft.
Todd McCauley

December 15th, 2022  •  9 AM PT

Todd McCauley, Mento Alumnus
Watch Recording
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