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I've built design teams and products for

I've Helped Over 250 Designers Worldwide Unlock Their Potential

While I enjoy a good humblebrag as much as the next person, I believe it's best to let others share how I've impacted their careers.

Simona Boboc 🇷🇴

Product Designer

"Radu's influence on my professional journey has been profound. His unique perspectives and approach to work, design, and client collaboration have not only educated me but have also empowered me to excel in the competitive market. The lessons I've gained from Radu's guidance are invaluable and will stay with me throughout my career."

Elisha Park 🇺🇸

Product Designer

"Radu's dedication went beyond mere guidance; he supported me during moments of frustration and uncertainty, often nudging me to step outside my comfort zone. I've gained a wealth of knowledge and insights from him, and I'm genuinely grateful for his unwavering assistance throughout this journey."
"Collaborating with Radu feels like discovering a hidden gem. From the very first day, it's clear that he is deeply invested in your personal and professional growth. His genuine care and commitment are unparalleled, and I can confidently say that my evolution as a designer owes a great deal to his mentorship."

Ai-Ni Kuo 🇹🇼

Product Designer

"What I'm genuinely grateful for is that he didn't just provide answers; he encouraged critical thinking, fostered creativity, and helped me develop the most important mindset in Product Design. This approach not only helped me solve immediate challenges but also equipped me with valuable skills for the long term."

Patrick Fisher 🇺🇸

Graphic Designer

"I had the privilege of being mentored by Radu in the field of UX/UI and Product Design, and I can confidently say that he is an exceptional mentor. His flexibility, encouragement, and commitment to excellence helped transform my academic journey. He could always adapt and pivot his approach to meet my specific needs and learning style. He created an environment where I felt comfortable asking questions and exploring new ideas."

Lim Huan 🇸🇬

Product Designer

"He is great at explaining and simplifying concepts to help you understand better. During my mentor sessions with him, you can tell that Radu is very knowledgable and experienced. Whenever I had problems or difficulties, he was also very encouraging and understanding which made the journey to UX better."

Benjamin Gabernig 🇩🇪

Product Designer

"I had the pleasure of being mentored by Radu, a highly skilled designer and an amazing human being.Radu's guidance and feedback were invaluable to my growth as a designer. What I appreciated most about Radu was his supportive and collaborative approach, which made me feel heard and understood. I am grateful for the opportunity to have learned from him and cannot recommend Radu highly enough."

Caesar Byström 🇺🇸

Product Designer

"I was fortunate to have Radu as my mentor. His experience and support helped me become a better designer. Radu always did a fantastic job explaining how to balance strategy, designing thinking, and attention to detail. People often say "that I hope our paths will cross again," but with Radu, I genuinely hope they do; I could not be more thankful for the experience working with him."

Summer Yim 🇺🇸

Product Designer

"Radu consistently provided insightful feedback during our mentorship sessions, helping me refine my work and elevate it to new heights. He always me to think critically about problems, encouraging me to explore innovative solutions. Whenever I had questions about my product design job, Radu was always there with actionable advice, drawing from his extensive experience in the field."

Patricia Machado 🇺🇸

UX Researcher

"Radu's feedback was incredibly helpful in refining my presentation and considering how to engage with the audience. He has a sharp mind and knows how to communicate ideas clearly and effectively. What's more, he is a creative and super fun person to work with, making the whole experience enjoyable and engaging."

Amandine Gnaedinger 🇫🇷

UX Researcher

"Not only he gave me great advice on my current issues, but he also shared his knowledge on how I could become a better UX researcher in my career. I really appreciated our call. It was the first time I had the impression to talk to a true mentor, with actionable advices."

Victoria Atamanchuk 🇩🇪

Product Designer

"I am thrilled to write a recommendation for Radu since it gives me the chance to publicly rave about what an absolute pleasure it has been working with him. And I can honestly say that he has had a significant impact on my growth as a designer."
Meet Your Mentor

Radu Vucea

With two decades under my belt in the design realm, I've navigated the intricate landscapes of start-ups, scale-ups, and industry giants like Adobe, Telenav, and Fitbit.

My journey hasn't just been about design; it's been about creating products that resonate—touching the lives of millions and driving significant revenue.

Leading and fostering talent is a passion of mine. I've had the privilege of building several product design teams from the ground up, each with more than 15 dedicated professionals.

But beyond team-building, I take immense pride in my role as a mentor. Over the years, I've coached and mentored more than 250 designers, guiding them as they unlocked their fullest potential.

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