Unlocking the Power of UX Design: My Journey of Creative Exploration and Growth

Samantha Sanders
August 15, 2023
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I was a curious child, faced confusing situations that made me scratch my head. Instead of giving up, I saw them as exciting opportunities to learn and discover new things. Even in math class, I couldn’t help but think there must be an easier way to solve complex problems. “There’s always a simpler way,” became my personal motto, driving me to explore the power of visual design and how it can make complicated ideas easier to understand.

The Quest for Simplicity

As I went through college and started working, people began to rely on me for creating efficient systems and processes, not just for myself but also for those struggling with the way things were. I remember a time when the label printer at Domino’s stopped working. With our revenue on the line, I quickly came up with a makeshift assembly line to keep things running smoothly. Little did I know that this on-the-spot problem-solving would foreshadow my future endeavors.

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Navigating a Stagnant Landscape

But let’s be honest — the working world hasn’t always been a place that welcomes creativity and simplicity. It often felt like innovation was discouraged, and employers preferred to stick to strict rules and procedures. That’s when I started exploring different job opportunities. I tried sales, social media, recruiting , and anything that sparked my curiosity.

Discovering UX/UI

In the last three years, I’ve felt a strong attraction to the world of technology. But not just any tech field — specifically, I wanted to create things that would make everyday life easier for everyone, including myself.

During my time working in technical recruiting, I discovered the fascinating world of UX/UI design. While helping a small startup with their hiring process, I also got involved in marketing and designing assets. It was while building the company’s podcast website that I fell in love with designing interfaces for mobile devices. Determined to improve my skills, I decided to fully immerse myself in the world of user interface design.

And here I am now, knee-deep into a UX design bootcamp, an important step towards my exciting future in user experience and research. This opportunity to work on projects I’m passionate about and learn in a hands-on environment is a dream come true for someone like me — a creative person who wants to grow and develop.

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The Leap into the Unknown

Once I complete the Mento Design Academy, my goal is to find a remote job in travel tech at a startup that offers flexibility. I want to be involved in all aspects of the UX/UI process, becoming a true generalist. Thanks to my diverse background in social media strategy and recruitment, I have a wide range of skills that will help me in this transition. While I’m not sure which specific area of UX will capture my heart, I’m determined to become an expert in it within the next two years.

In summary, my journey has been all about seeking simplicity, embracing efficiency, and pushing the boundaries of innovation. From my experiences as a child to my professional growth, my passion for visual design has led me to this moment. With education, hands-on experience, and a strong drive, I’m confident that I can build a rewarding career in the ever-evolving field of UX/UI design.

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